• [VIDEO] SHOPEE FINDS | Clip-On Earrings Under RM4 For Raya

    Hey girls! ♡

    I’ll be sharing my current clip-on earrings collections and will show you how it’ll look like when wearing with a hijab. My lil sis gave it to me last year and she told me that she bought it on Shopee. Perhaps, you might wanna get one (or more) for raya too? 🙈

    ✿ EARRING #1 | Round Pearl ✿

    Price: RM3.03

    Rate: 4/5

    I often wear this whenever I wear shawl style yang jenis letak kepala. Cuz I feel like that’s the only shawl style that suits with this type of earrings. It gives off that classy look too and suitable for date nights!

    ✿ EARRING #2 | Heart Pearl ✿

    Price: RM2.75

    Rate: 4/5

    This is my favourite cuz it’s the cutest among all. In a shape of heart? I’m a sucker for this. It suits with any type of soft girl outfits and perhaps it’ll make you look more cute :p

    ✿ EARRING #3 | Brown Square ✿

    Price: RM3.03

    Rate: 3/5

    Honestly, I’ve never worn this to any of my outfits yet cuz I tend to wear the others a lot. But when I tried it for this content, I somehow like it? It’s so chic and has that dark academia vibe to it. I think it’ll look better if worn with dark-coloured outfits to make it look more expensive.

    ✿ EARRING #4 | Red Cherry ✿

    Price: RM3.78

    Rate: 4/5

    Introducing you my 2nd cutest earrings! I bought it for my friend’s theme party and it was on such a short notice. But the seller ships it super fast so I managed to get mine before the party. The seller is from local so if you’re in need of earrings asap, I highly recommend for you to get it from this seller – njoyshopping123

    Well, did you notice that all earrings are less than RM4 (excl shipping)!

    Among all of these, which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

    Happy shopping!