• How To Look Expensive On a Budget

    How To Look Expensive On a Budget
    How To Look Expensive On a Budget
    How To Look Expensive On a Budget
    How To Look Expensive On a Budget

    As a student, i’m sure some of us struggle between not wanting to overspend while also wanting to look good. However, who says we can’t look good while sticking to a budget? Here are my 3 tips on how you’re able to look expensive without breaking the bank.


    Thrifting is not only a good way to save up your money but you’ll also be suprised at what good finds you’re able to get your hands on! I’ve thrifted multiple high end pieces that looks just as new as the ones in stores. On top of that, it’s also a sustainable way of keeping in trend without damaging the earth. It’s a win-win situation for me.

    My favourite places to thrift include:

    • JBR Bundle

    • 2nd Street Bundle

    • Carousell


    A good look is all about finding clothes that accentuate your body structure in the best ways. It’s important to find a silhouette you like that suits your body type to ensure you look your best at all times. You can make the cheapest clothes look expensive by dressing according to your body type. Wearing luxury doesn’t necessarily mean you look sleek if you’re wearing it in the wrong ways.


    As fun as it is to keep up with trends, they do not last forever and often we only end up wearing it once. Timeless pieces will ensure you spend less as you’re able to wear those pieces of clothing over and over again in different ways. I recommend everyone to have staple pieces in their wardrobe that they’re able to accessorize differently. Mine include:

    • A good pair of denim jeans

    • A black maxi skirt

    • An oversized blazer

    • Turtlenecks

    • Loafers

    I hope these tips were helpful, happy trying! 🤍