• Haircare Routine for HAIR LOSS

    Haircare Routine  for HAIR LOSS
    Haircare Routine  for HAIR LOSS
    Haircare Routine  for HAIR LOSS
    Haircare Routine  for HAIR LOSS
    Haircare Routine  for HAIR LOSS
    Haircare Routine  for HAIR LOSS

    I've suffered from hair loss back in 2019 and the root of the problem was my diet as I was a university student I tend to skip meals and my go-to meals weren't as nutritious as the meals I will have at home. Not only skipping meals but also the additional usual daily stress on campus contributes to more hairfall.

    After I wash my hair, I let it dry about 70% and massaging the hair tonic onto my scalp every single day twice, in the morning and night.

    🟤 Audace Regan Hair Reactive and Hair Fall Control Tonic

    Contains vitamins, protein and antioxidants. Enhances hair volume while refreshing the scalp and promoting blood circulation.


    – Gives you healthy, wholesome and thicker hair

    – Contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish the scalp and hair

    🔵 GNC Biotin 600mcg

    A biotin is a form of Vitamin B that has stimulated hair growth ever since I've taken these 2 tablets per day

    🟣 KUNDAL Scalp Care + Caffeine Shampoo

    Not only my hair smells nice but it gives so much life and volume to my hair. The caffeine does help with hair growth and prevents so much hair loss.

    🍳 Diet

    🥚 Eggs 🥚

    My lifesaver because it's the cheapest yet most nutritious food and it has been giving me the natural production of Vitamin B. I incorporated eating 4 times a week. I usually go for scrambled eggs because it's the easiest to do.

    🌻 I never changed my hair routine since 2019 fast forward up to now my hair is fuller than ever ✨

    🌻 To my hijabi ladies, I FAHAM. Most of you girls balding kat depan because you tie your hair most of the time and the snow cap/serkup you girls pakai also ketat kan so tertarik la rambut tu dah jadi botak kat depan. And then rushing nak pergi class/keluar rambut basah you kena ikat lagi la rambut tu tertarik and gugur. Also the weather is so hot and I know some arent staying in a house with aircond, bilik pakai kipas je or duduk hostel/asrama I faham. Theres no choice for you at night when youre about to sleep you have to tie your hair lagi la gugur. No worries okay, do this consistently your hair will grow back.

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