• [VIDEO] Morning Skincare Routine ‍️

    good morning and happy Thursday!

    today i am going to show you my morning skincare routine. my morning skincare routine is somewhat similar to my nighttime skincare routine but with additional products to make my skin alive ☁️

    i have 5 simple steps for my morning skincare routine so let's get into it!

    ☁️ step one: facial cleanser

    – i use neutrogena's gentle foaming cleanser because this cleanser is known to remove dirt off your face and excess oil, which is good for me because i have oily skin to begin with. so i apply a generous amount and i spread it across all areas on my face, i massage it for 1 to 2 mins before washing it off with water.

    ☁️ step two: toner

    – i apply three drops of glow recipe's watermelon glow PHA + BHA Pore Tight Toner on my face and i spread it evenly. this product helps tighten the pores and hydrates the skin!

    ☁️ step three: serum

    – i use axis y's dark spot correcting serum on each area of my face. this product lives by its name and helps correct the dark spots on my face and improves uneven skin tone

    ☁️ step four: moisturiser

    – i usually wait 5 minutes after applying toner to let it set on my face then only i will proceed for the fourth step which is moisturiser. i use glossier's primer moisturiser and i like this moisturiser because it is formulated for dry and oily skin (which is definitely my skin type) and the texture, it is very lightweight so when you apply it on your face it just feels so light and does not give a powdery finish, but more to water-gel-natural finish. also, do not neglect your neck! your neck needs some love too

    ☁️ step five: sunscreen

    – the most important final step is sunscreen of course!! i use cosrx's aloe soothing cream SPF50+ on my face and neck. this product is so lightweight and does not give a white cast when i apply it which is a huge win! since it is lightweight, it almost feels like a moisturiser. protect your skin from the sun babes!

    that's it for my morning skincare routine! it is as simple as that 🤍