• [VIDEO] 4 ways to wear a cargo pants


    today tasha nak share on how i always style my cargo pants! cargo pants always look boyish to some people tapi harini tasha nak share on how i style kan 1 pants with 4 styles and match both looks of boyish and girly! here we go! 😚

    STYLE 1

    – style ni tasha buat as our everyday style yang easy and senang nak mix & match babe! so what i pairkan is a sweatshirt with some design didepan supaya tak nampak too kosong hehe

    – tudung pula tasha amik colour yang match with my cargo pants punya colour baru lah up the look hehe. Moving to accesories, tasha pelbagaikan my casing phone as i bawa yang floral and purple sikit to nampak banyak cute things in the outfit.

    – I also match kan with my coach handbag as nak go easy and simple for everyday look ❤️

    STYLE 2

    – As for this outfit, tasha buat cargo look super easy and nice even for our office outfit! 🤗 tasha pairkan blazer and one thin inner dekat dalam which tasha amik inner yang help to cover our neck.

    – For tudung, tasha pick satin bawal with some floral corak and gayakan with minimalist look which is ikat belakang and pakai bit nampakkan inner tudung yang tasha choose as the same colour as my inner baju! cute kan? boleh try hehe.

    – tasha bring out my accesories which is shades and one of my sling bag yang i buat as a handbag! handbag yang bit colourful so its help to pop up the outcome look ❤️

    STYLE 3

    – This outfit suit for your street dating style hehe since i only use my inner and graphic tshirt which help to cover if you sweat a lot! believe me outfit ni sangat selesa and bit boyish tapi sangat comel!

    – For tudung, i stylekan my shawl as a turban and pakai cap to match my boyish look of the day while turban tonjolkan sikit girly side of us. As for accesories, tasha pairkan with my white prada bag which masuk sangat since the outfit are black, pink and match nya dengan white bag ❤️

    STYLE 4

    – Last style ni my fav! dia sebenarnya sangat simpe sebab i only pakai pink neck inner yang kain dia tak nipis sangat and tak too melekat dekat body. but this outfit turns out too look expensive on me, sangat sesuai if nak pergi for any event especially beauty event and any activities!

    – For tudung, i pairkan a loose jersey white shawl biar je lepas and without any pin sbb this tudung already statiks on your head hehe. yang paling penting is match kan dengan handbag yang paling cute you ada which mine is my ruffle handbag yang buat the loook out so expensive plus the shades hehe!

    so thats all, i rasa all the outfit available to your everyday outfit and senang nak cari. have some try babes! save dulu.

    thank u loves! 😭💗