• [VIDEO] FASHION HACKS : 3 Ways To Style Cardigan

    Hi everyone, happy thursday ❤️ you all with me again in #fashionhacks things ! So what im gonna share with you is how to hype up your cardigan in 3 styles . Let me share it with youuu

    Style 1

    1. Wear the cardigan in reverse way, by wearing the cardigan from the front not from behind

    2. Flip up the below part and wear it

    Style 2

    1. Wear it like usual, and choose the last button from below.

    2. install the button from the back

    3. And you done

    Style 3

    1. Wear the cardigan like Style 1 from the front.

    2. Grab the last button, and wrap the cardigan through your waist

    That’s all the simple ways to wear your cardigan to gain more look good for your looks ❤️ save this post for your inspo and follow me for more 💕