• [VIDEO] KIMCHI. The Easiest Recipe.

    Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish that originated over 3,000 years ago. The tradition of making kimchi started as a way to ferment and store vegetables during the cold winter when many Koreans died of starvation.

    Now, after KDrama had been populat around the world, Kimchi had become one of the famous dish that people love to eat. It is easy to make and the ingredients can get at any supermarket near you.

    All you need is:



    Daun kuchai

    Daun bawang


    Blend halus:

    Buah pear

    Buah Apple

    Bawang besar

    Bawang putih


    Cencalok sikit

    Serbuk cili/ Gochugaru

    Sos ikan


    As simple as that. Goodluck!