• Personal Colour: How To Find Yours

    Personal Colour: How To Find Yours
    Personal Colour: How To Find Yours
    Personal Colour: How To Find Yours
    Personal Colour: How To Find Yours

    Nowadays, personal colour is becoming a thing. I only knew about this when I was called for a filming session in Seoul. It was a filming session to promote wedding dresses that you can rent in Seoul. One of the services that you get before picking a wedding dress is a personal colour analysis session.

    This session helps you determine if you’re a spring, autumn, winter or summer type. Each season has its own colours. Therefore you can proceed choosing the right colours either white, cream or other shades of white that are mixed with other colours. & choose gold or silver for accessories. I’d say this is more of a sharing of how dressing to my personal colour has helped me rather than a detailed how to with answers on how you can find your personal colour – although, you may be able to find your answer on the websites below!

    1. How to find your personal colour

    As for me I was able to get a session with a professional. Not to worry, according to one of the youtube comments in the video i uploaded, you can get the same services in malaysia as well. If it’s not available around you, i found this website where you can get your personal colour analysis https://colorwise.me/self-analysis or you can also try one of those filters i saw on tiktok once.

    2. The results

    I got a cool tone spring. I was told for this colour, you’re suited to bright vibrant & bold colours like red, orange, pink, etc. So I always try to incorporate some of the colours in my outfit.

    3. Colours i avoid after knowing personal colour

    I was told to avoid dull colours like grey, warm autumn colours like a dull green, yellow, dull pink etc. See an example of the third pic, a colour you should avoid if you’re cool spring tone.

    If you see the comparison of the vibrant colours outfit collage (2nd PIC) vs the grey tie & hijab outfit (3rd PIC), you can see that the colours chosen in the collage bring out my skin & complexion more. Where as the grey tie makes the overall complexion look duller. The pink shades saves my lifts up my complexion a little bit.

    The whole point if this personal colour analysis, is to know what colours suit you to better bring out your skin colour & complexion & make it glow more instead of dulling it. Be it in make up, or clothing.