• [VIDEO] Recreating Sofea Shra’s Shawl Style

    Hey lovelies!

    On today’s tutorial, I will be sharing with you how I did the well known hijab style created by Sofea Shra!

    Sofea is a well known hijabi influencer that’s known for her hijab tutorials and makeup videos! I absolutely adore her and love all her styles.

    One of them being this hijab style. It took me some time to get this look so be sure to practice first! It’s alright if you don’t get it the first try. I always say, practice makes perfect 🤭

    The shawl I’m wearing is a Satin Bubble Shawl from ThePastelCo from Shopee! Honestly love the material as it is not slippery to the head and it stays all that long!

    All you need for this tutorial is 1 safety pins and 2 peniti to pin on both sides on your shawl.

    Hopefully this tutorial is easy for you to understand and that you’d give this a try too! Hehe

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