• MY SKIN JOURNEY (with my go-to tips!)

    MY SKIN JOURNEY (with my go-to tips!)
    MY SKIN JOURNEY (with my go-to tips!)
    MY SKIN JOURNEY (with my go-to tips!)
    MY SKIN JOURNEY (with my go-to tips!)

    Hi lovelies! 💕

    As the title suggests, today I’ll be sharing my journey on how and what I did to turn my skin into how it is now. So just like most people, I went through a phase where I continuously had breakouts and the never-fading acne scars. I find it hard so hard to have the scars go away and before it is completely gone, I would see new bumps and acnes growing already!

    I've tried many products, from drugstore brands to counters to dermatologist recommended products but nothing seemed to work. After trying for many years, finally around beginning of 2022, I have found the holy grail and learnt how to take care of my skin. I have broken them down into a few points below:

    1️⃣ Stay away from harsh chemicals

    -I personally don't prefer using any chemicals to cure any acne as I only know so little about them and all the information available has many different views and version on it. Always consult your skin specialist or dermatologist if your skin needs certain chemical therapy.

    -Always check the ingredients of the products before using. Certain products contain harsh chemicals or alcohol in it but uses a different term on the label.

    2️⃣ Use facial tissue instead of towel

    After washing your face, always get a new facial tissue to dry it instead of a towel. Towels (especially if you are reusing it) can have unwanted bacterial build up on it and would cause breakouts.

    3️⃣ Remember to hydrate within

    Though this may sound cliche, drinking enough water daily helps to keep our skin hydrated within. Dehydrated skin often leads to excessive sebum production which if combined with dead skin cells may cause blackheads and breakouts.

    4️⃣ Hygiene

    Always wash your hands before applying any skincare onto the face and avoid touching your face unnecessarily. Changing bedsheets and pillowcases often helps in reducing breakouts too.

    💡TIP: Try to use only one skincare brand if possible as certain ingredients from different brands may not be suitable to be used together.

    I hope you find this post helpful in one way or another! Let me know what you think and what you’ll like me to share next! ☺️