• [VIDEO] Shaving Miss V️

    Hey Ladkhis,

    I am just going to cut to the chase. HOW MANY OF YOU OUT THERE WANA SHAVE BUT DONT KNOW THE RIGHT WAY OF SHAVING? And specfically MISS V🤨‼️‼️

    If that answer is a yes, i am pretty much in the same club then. I started shaving when i was 15, so i used to go through lots of rashes, pimples and bumps down there. And as much of a TABOO it is to talk about it, i decided to break that stereotype today.

    Today, i have posted a video about the correct directions to shave and i have created a colorful diagram of our MISS V to show the hair growth directions and shaving directions.

    And yes the hairs are colour coded which i will show you why :

    🧡- outer section, outer hair, diagonal movement of shaver

    🩵- outer section, middle hair, straight upward or downward movement of shaver

    🩷- inner section, outer hair, horizontal flow but straight movement of shaver

    💙- inner section, inner hair, sensitive and horizontal flow but straight movement of shaver

    So girls, i hope you guys can take some tips from this video hehe <3

    And till then, follow me for more!


    The Hybrid Girl🤍

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