• [VIDEO] my everyday shawl

    Entry: 29

    Hi lovelies 🫶🏻

    This is my first ever shawl tutorial post on Lemon8. I enjoy watching tutorial videos of other people and figured, why don’t I share mine? Hear me out, I once have never tried jersey shawl because it makes my face look round and big. After watching a couple of tutorial using jersey shawl, I finally found a favourite everyday look!

    When you use jersey shawl material, it felt like you’re not wearing anything on your head hence I recommend you guys to try wearing jersey material because it is by far the comfiest and the easiest shawl to work with. The price is also a lot more cheaper than other shawl material!

    Enjoy watching my tutorial! 🫶🏻

    #jerseyshawltutorial #jerseyshawlstyle