• [VIDEO] Another Collection of My Montigo ️

    Hi Lemoners 💖

    How’s your life lately? I abit buzy but don’t worry im still here to update my current stuffs with you gais 💕

    By the way , just nak share this is second purchase from montigo collection which is i’m so obbessed with sense cup ni .. color dia masyallahh cantik girlss .

    The reason why , my previous bottle dah kena share ya dengan my husband dia pon suka gila bawak pergi kerja .

    So i decided to buy another one for me for my home office yayy 🥰

    You gais should have one too kay , sebab dia memang legitly tahan hot/cold more than 6 hours .. another reason yang i suka gila secured lids.. biasa la kita perempuan kadang2 tu careless tertumpah laa apa lah kan but this one approved ✅🥹

    My rating for this Sense cup : 5/5 worth it !

    Till next sharing besties