• If U Tak Pegi This Places In Genting,U RUGI GILA!

    If U Tak Pegi This Places In Genting,U RUGI GILA!
    If U Tak Pegi This Places In Genting,U RUGI GILA!
    If U Tak Pegi This Places In Genting,U RUGI GILA!

    If U Tak Pegi This Places In Genting,U RUGI GILA!
    If U Tak Pegi This Places In Genting,U RUGI GILA!
    If U Tak Pegi This Places In Genting,U RUGI GILA!
    If U Tak Pegi This Places In Genting,U RUGI GILA!
    If U Tak Pegi This Places In Genting,U RUGI GILA!
    If U Tak Pegi This Places In Genting,U RUGI GILA!

    Hello Lemon8 Gurlbabes! Ain the cutest is here✨

    Today I want to share with you guys 8 INTERESTING PLACES you should go when you in GENTING HIGHLANDS 😍

    Oh ya, please slide sampai habis to know my secret spot for OOTD that lookalike oversea 😋

    1) Genting Skyway Cable Car

    If you tak pernah lagi experience naik cable car at Genting Highlands, you should try! You swill spanning across 3.38km in just 15 minutes je. Along the journey, you can get a wonderful view of a rainforest below while riding over the hilly landscape of Genting Highlands.

    I tak ingat bila last I naik cable car, but it was a long time ago. Now, I bawak kereta je senang nak ke sana sini hihi. But if you tak pernah lagi, it worth to try! 🫶🏻


    Gohtong Jaya Station, Genting SkyWay Complex

    Highlands Station, Highlands

    2) Chin Swee Caves Temple

    Next is Chin Swee Caves Temple. Situated top of the breathtaking Genting Highlands, reaching the temple via the Car Cable ride was an adventure in itself. If you naik cable car, you boleh stop by at the Temple but there are 10 escalators 🤣🤣. The stop is free and the same ticket can be used to continue your ride.

    If you come here by a car, you boleh je park dekat luar temple or dalam bangunan. Oh ya no entrance fee is needed to enter the temple.

    For anyone seeking a captivating cultural and natural experience, Chin Swee Caves Temple is an absolute must-visit.

    3) Ayu Awana , Restaurant

    Another restaurant, you can try when you in Genting Highlands is Ayu Awana Restaurant at Resort World Awana. This restaurant has a really nice poolside vibe.

    Anyway, I datang sini untuk makan je. So if you datang untuk makan sahaja pun boleh without staying their hotel. For the price, I rasa its wise depends on apa yang you order! Tapi masa I pergi, I choose buffet. Sangat puas ya! And the taste was good 👍

    4) Genting Highlands Premium Outlets (GPO)

    If you nak cuci mata you boleh datang GPO! Kalau tershopping apa salahnya kan 🤣🤣 Usually GPO ada sales until 70% lagi lagi Bath and Bodyworks, Padini, and other branded items. If Sampai GPO I recommend you try ice cream GODIVA! Harga mahal tapi you boleh share with your friends ok! I order mix chocolate sebab tak nak rasa muak. So yesss! Rasalah ice cream T20 hihi 🤣

    5) Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park

    A great place to have fun with your kids or friends. But make sure to measure their heights before buying the tickets. Because not all ride is suitable for kids below 120cm. If your kids planning to try out many of their attractions, I would definitely recommend getting Skytropolis' 1-day unlimited pass. With the pass, you can go on all available attractions for as many times as you’d like!

    Untuk adult pulak I rasa tak banyak yang best and not thrill at all. So I recommed just beli ticket per ride je. And jangan lupa try Supper Glidder ya! Antara semua this one yang paling best and thrill lah. Gugur jantung I weh! 😭

    The best time for you to visit Skytropolis would definitely be on off-peak days, which are the weekdays.

    6) Genting Skyworlds Theme Park

    Tak lengkap datang Genting Highlands if tak try Genting Skyworld Theme Park! Loved the Rio Gliders and the Acorn Adventure, two of the most enjoyably thrilling rides that I've tried. And yes, makanan dalam tu a bit pricy than usual. Tapi jangan lupa try roti hotdog yang terpanjang dekat Malaysia hihi. You can share with your friends and family. Anyway here some tips before you come here.


    •Download the Genting Skyworlds app before your visit. Trust me you tak akan menyesal! Once you do this, you can link your ticket and enjoy complimentary.

    •Ride reservations for specific timeslots. I had recommend reserving them in one go as early as you can as slots are limited. It save you lots of time getting stuck in long queues, you can literally skip the queue by heading to the VQ reservation lane at each ride. You juga boleh tengok wait times of each ride on the app to plan your route efficiently!

    •Pre-book your tickets on Klook to avoid the hassle of purchasing tickets over the counter. And biasanya Klook ada banyak promotiona and harga akan lebih murah!

    •Pack a cap, an umbrella, or a poncho, just in case it rains! The park is mostly open-air, so you won't have much shelter if it starts drizzling. And yes ada permainan yang you perlukan baju hujan, otherwise you akan basah.

    •Lockers and strollers are available for rental

    7) Burger & Lobster Genting

    Sebelum B&L bukak dekat KLCC, Genting Highlands just only one yang you boleh try burger lobster. But honestly, the taste so different! Bila I tanya their staff dekat counter, and they said because of different owner. And thats why la berbeza. Recommended menu is Chilli Lobster!

    I think you should try at least once in your life!

    8) Petron Genting Highlands

    Here my secret spot for OOTD. I datang sini kadang kadang untuk healing. You boleh standby kerusi healing ok!

    Direction: Waze Petron Genting Highlands. Before you nak masuk Petron, ada satu jalan ke kiri and yesss you masuk situ. Then, you boleh pilih any spot belah kanan tu ok 🫶🏻