• Road to Glass Skin before Raya

    Road to Glass Skin before Raya
    Road to Glass Skin before Raya
    Road to Glass Skin before Raya
    Road to Glass Skin before Raya

    Hello everyone ! It's me, Dhia again😉

    So harini I nak share dengan uolls my New Skincare Routine to achieve a Glass Skin ✨

    This is my new updated skin routine. Since, I do love try & review a new skincare product.

    ‼️My skin type: Oily combination skin‼️

    Sebulan yang lepas, I ada masalah jerawat & bintik hitam/parut hitam on my skin. Masalah jerawat kat muka I xdelah teruk sangat macam yang sebelum ni ye🥲 I banyak try & error skincare product ye.

    Ada skincare yang serasi dengan my skin, ada yang kurang sesuai.

    So here I share to uolls My Skincare Routine to achieve a glass skin within a month😍


    – COSRX Salicylic Acid Cleanser

    This cleanser is the best to treat my acne skin. This is already my third tube. I love its lightweight cream texture. Does not irritate my acne skin. Helps to deep cleanse my oily skin, remove excess sebum & unclog my pores. This is my all-time favourite cleanser.


    – Beauty Of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water

    I'd love its lightweight texture & easily absorbed on my skin🥰 It is also suitable for acne-oily combination skin like mine! After applying, my skin feels fresh & hydrating💧 The best for a glowing skin✨✨✨


    – COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

    Then, I use my snail essence. This essence really helps to repair my skin barrier and helps to give a healthy glowing skin

    4️⃣Acne spot treatment cream:

    – La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (+)

    This is my favourite pimple spots treatment. I just started using this early Jan 2023. TBH, I really love this spot treatment. Sangat membantu kecutkan pimple I in just overnight. The gel-cream smells like tea-tree oil for me. Easily absorbed on my skin & doesnt feels sticky at all.


    – Laneige Skin Refiner

    I use my Laneige Cream Skin Refiner as my watery moisturizer. I just dab-dab on my skin je. Instantly hydrate my skin😍Moisturize your skin regularly will help your to achieve a healthy glowing skin.


    For daily use

    – Beauty of Joseon Relief Sunscreen: Rice & Prebiotics

    I'd love also its lightweight, creamy texture, non-sticky & easily absorbed on my skin🥰 The best part is, it doesnt leave any whitecast on my skin☺️Luv it 🥰✨

    6️⃣Sleeping Mask 🌙

    – Madasgascar Centella Hyalu Cica Sleeping Mask

    One of my favourite sleeping mask since it comes in tube which is super easy to use😍I never skip using my sleeping mask before I sleep at night since it's really helps to moisturize & repair my skin overnight.

    So that's all from me🤭just leave your comment below if you wanna know more about this review😘